Game Focus: Gyrostarr Review

Game Focus writes: "Gyrostarr is a rare game with many common gameplay features we have seen time and time again in many games for a very long time. Sci-fi racing with weapons on a twisty race track are fairly common features in some form or another, but to have them all together and work so well is rare and all of that with a sense of ever increasing speeds.

A budget priced Wii-ware title which feels almost like a full game you would buy in a store instead of downloading to your Wii. Gyrostarr is one of the most impressive games I have seen on the Wii in a long time and gives me hope Wii-Ware will not be a waste of time and money in the long run for dedicated gamers."

- Graphics are good
- Audio is good, but a bit generic
- Sense of speed is excellent
- Controls are fantastic
- Game is fun, pure addicting fast paced action crack fun

- motion controls are bad

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