Game Focus: Fatal Inertia EX Review - Best racing this side of Endor

Game Focus writes: "Fatal Inertia EX is a rare game; it is basically the same game in theory as an Xbox 360 game called Fatal Inertia, developed by the same team but was not widely accepted on Microsoft's console. This is a fact that will turn off many gamers who have a PS3 and will be unwilling to try the EX version of the game. But they should, for Fatal Inertia EX on the PS3 and Fatal Inertia on the Xbox 360 are not even in the same class game wise. Koei has fixed everything wrong with the Xbox version, redone a majority of the game and gave us a budget priced title with some serious weight behind it. Actually this futuristic racer is my favorite racer this year and one of my favorite of all time, just behind Star Wars Episode 1: Pod Racer.

Extreme speeds, different classes of races, race craft, weapons and tracks are extremely well done in this game. A great single player game mixed with a fun multiplayer game and there is little wrong with Koei Canada's latest game."

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name3663d ago Didn't expect that. Maybe vampire rain will be good on the PS3 as well.