How-To Dump Blu-ray Movies On Your PS3

We know how much you love reading about the PlayStation 3 and potentially illegal things, so let's combine the two, shall we? It looks like enterprising hackers have figured out a way to dump Blu-ray movies using nothing more than a PS3 and Linux.

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TOM4401d ago

Let me just say"cool"
all these thieving scum are killing the pc games market and now they can do it to sonys BR before it even gets off the ground. Short sighted fools.

BenzMoney4401d ago

If this is true, then Sony's really f***ed! Their precious, proprietary media format getting hacked by its own hardware?! HAHAHAHA!

Mr Murda4401d ago

...Sony's profits disappear. Man talk about losing your bread and butter to an easy hack. So, you go buy yourself a 500gb+ HDD and there you go. It wont be long before games are able to be transferred. Bad for Sony, good for Blockbuster or Netflix.

MicroGamer4401d ago

to be ported to PS3. :-D LOL!

Odiah4401d ago

I love illegal things. Plus Sony is going down.

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The story is too old to be commented.