Game Focus: Wolf of the Battlefield: Commandos 3 Review - Short but Sweet

Game Focus writes: "If you are old enough to remember the original game Commando from 1985, wolf of the Battlefield Commando's 3 will be instantly recognizable in terms of its similar gameplay. The run and gun gameplay made famous in the 1980's still works well today on our next generation consoles and computers, three hundred and sixty degree running and gunning with a variety of weapons and vehicles is still the same style of game we have seen over the last 20 plus years.

Wolf of the Battlefield is an action game where you and your friends take the role of one of three commandos's who are sent on a mission to destroy the evil tyrant General Ratiev. During this mission you will free Prisoners of War, use tanks and jeeps, and a variety of weapons as you run and gun your way through levels ranging from a swamp, prison and a fortress until you finally face the General."

- Decent graphics
- Good audio
- Fun and easy gameplay
- Co-Op is great
- Lots of replay value with multiplayer

- Short can beat in a couple hours easy, but plenty of replay value
- Graphics and audio are good, but could have been better

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