IGN E3 countdown

See a LIVE countdown to Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and E3's press conferences on

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Vojkan3546d ago

well i only care for Sonys press conference.

P4KY B3546d ago

I only have a 360 but i'm interested in Nintendo and Sony. I might see something i like.

If no-one ever looked at other consoles we would all still be playing Ataris.

Open your mind.

Devilbringer3546d ago

Because i have a ps3 an only cares what comes to my system, is that so weird??

if i had a wii or 360 i would care about them but i dont have them so ye

shazam3546d ago

Microsoft conferences are annoying:

RecSpec3546d ago

Haha, come on, they may be pretty bad. But seriously.


JBaby3433546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

But as a PS3 fan of course I'm most interested in what Sony has to say. I hope nintendo's is more than just throwing out sales numbers and charts/graphs like last year. PS3 and 360 are where the true games are at anyways.

Counting down to E3.

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fermcr3546d ago

I think it will be good for everybody. PC, Xbox360, PS3, Wii, etc... every platform has good games to show on E3

Don't be a hater... be a gamer ;)

JBaby3433546d ago

You make me laugh David. It certainly makes things more interesting.

DavidMacDougall3546d ago

I wouldnt have it any other way lol

SixTwoTwo3546d ago

I'm looking forward to some new Diablo III and Resistance 2 footage. I want to see FFXIII but I think that will be saved for TGS 08. I also wonder if Capcom will finally reveal Monster Hunter 3 for the Wii.

lil Titan3546d ago

if they could let you watch this on PS3 that would be great instead of sitting in front of the computer

and everyone should be interested in all of the confrences "know thy enemy"

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