PGNx: Battlefield: Bad Company Review

PGNx writes: "EA DICE's Battlefield franchise takes consoles by storm. With Bad Company, EA DICE has successfully translated the action-packed, frenetic, and fun Battlefield series to consoles. This is a game where peace lasts preciously little, and thanks to a full-featured single-player mode, one that you can enjoy both offline and online.

In Battlefield: Bad Company, you play as Preston Marlowe, a Private that has been sent to the 222nd Battalion---B Company---a battalion the Army very willingly likes to sacrifice. The story starts off plausible enough as you meet the rest of the four-man squad. You'll fight alongside Haggard (an explosions expert), Sweetwater (a young man looking for a scholarship) and Redford (a veteran who can't wait to retire). Eventually, the Army leaves you behind enemy lines and the squad decides to find gold, all while rescuing a dictator. The story is told with plenty of humor and the single-player campaign is surprisingly fleshed out for a Battlefield game.:

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