50 New Videogame Classics: The Top 25

Completing our countdown of the high-scorers in interactive fun from 1983 to the present; see where ''Grand Theft Auto IV,'' ''Tony Hawk,'' ''Mario,'' ''Doom,'' and other legends rank

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roybatty3730d ago

Except (IMO of course) for maybe Secret Of Mana, but that did not even make this pile of sh1t list.

Asurastrike3730d ago

GTA SA is a classic. GTAIV is a dumbed down version of SA with better graphics.

Angelitos3730d ago

I remember the first tony hawk. I was like 9 years old and I thought it was the best videogame in the world.

omodis4203730d ago

This list sucked. How could Doom be so high on the list? It doesn't hold up to the modern shooters. If they were going to go that route then lets just say Resistance, Halo, and Call of Duty 4 are the best games of all time. This list is just pure crap.

roybatty3730d ago

You may be too young to realize, but when Doom came out (ther was Wolfenstein 3d b4 it) it absolutely BLEW everyone away who saw it.
It's the reason I wanted to get a PC. I was floored by Doom.

ViRaL-3730d ago

I've played most of those and i must say MGS4 has to be in the top 5 at least. #1 for me... its the best game i ever played so far

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