Dear Sony: Please Let Me Filter Who I Play With

A plea for game companies to combat the Internet Dickwad Theory.

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DavidMacDougall3730d ago

Would be nice but wil never happen there busy enough

mightydog013730d ago

in warhawk you can mute user so problem up to developer to put thing in game like team killing 5 time your booted out like in warhawk....why rant at sony write to developer so they can punish bad game players.....

roybatty3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Worried about his kid hearing racist 4ssholes in BF BC? His kids should not be watching or playing it in the first place.
But yeah, annoying 'telephone tough guy's' do bug me in online gaming.
Singing, or playing their horrible music loud, or just plain racist or annoying, but hey. I'm sure XBL has them too.
Some games I find a higher 4sshat level than others.
For instance, I pretty much give up on COD4 online because of haveing to work out which 4sshole had which name so I could mute.
Teen 4ssholes shouting sh1t like "my house" or "night, night" after every clever.

Does bf BC have squad system of BF2 on the PC? Because that was great. You don't talk or hear anyone, until you squad up.
Oh, and push to talk is a must in online gaming, there are always too many d1ckwads who have the mic next to the speakers, or sound like turkeys warbling, or breath down the mic like Darth Vader...

Mista_Jones3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

I'm black and two of my best friends are Mexican and white, and in some rooms in COD4 i get dumb ignorant people who say "all Mexicans need to die" or "all blacks need to die".I'm 15 and i just want give him and all other racist,the most painful and slowest possible death just for saying that stuff(or what that big daddy did to the splicer that hit the little sister at the beginning in the game). i think Sony should find a way for people to report racist or offenders and then Sony can send a code to their ps3 that permanently bricks it.

if you respect me and my race I'll respect you and your race, if you don't I'll still respect your race, but not you.
- Brandon Jones A.K.A Mista_Jones

Zeevious3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Is Negative Trophy points.

Rules - (The bubble system here crossed with ebay's user rank.)

You can block anyone, but only give these negative points to a maximum number of people a week or month...which could be based on your overall level. This forces you to be SURE your not abusing the system.

You can't repeatedly send negative or positive points to someone.
Your limited by weekly/monthly/level amounts.

You can select what level of gamer to play with based on these amounts.

Optionally, you sending negative/positive points could devalue the points anyone on your friend list can send them...preventing artificially increasing or decreasing someones points.

This would be an almost entirely user-managed, automatic system, largely managed through the same information already shared with your Trophy info.

The Worlds Solution?
It's a sad truth that today, in 2008, we're still hearing these comments...especially from players who either learned this at home or think hating anyone that's not them is just fine.

Well, it's never never will be.
Every persons differences just make them another member of the Human Race.

I hope the list of gamers I've had to ban for this kind of ignorance is a short one. It couldn't be soon enough before someone making these kinda of comments is so ridiculous they've become nothing more than a very bad joke.

Till then the block/ban list is about all we have right now.