A satisfaction with flame, a journey of the flamethrower

Destructoid writes: "In one satisfying click, the wispy little flame on the end of a metallic barrel becomes a furious storm of heat and destruction. At first, it seems uncontrollable, such a marvelous display of power. Steadily, the focus of the flame narrows and becomes one with the carrier. His new doom shrouded arm is now a plague of death, as his scorn licks at his nearest enemies and frightens those still miles away. The canister on his back grows hotter as it empties its beautiful payload, but he doesn't care. There's probably an ammo pack around the place somewhere.

Ah, the flamethrower, the greatest achievement in videogame history. For Americans, the 4th of July is all about the celebration of our nation's freedom. Our favorite way to promote such a noble ideal is through the use of explosions and fire. Perhaps you'll be cooking hamburgers with fire, or even watching that tree in your yard devoured by it tonight as a wayward firework accidently works its way into the branches. Of any day of the year, today is the day that you will most likely be experiencing fire.

Ejecting fire via some sort of apparatus is my specialty in videogames. Nothing more beautiful can arise. From the bloom, to smoke, to enemy animations, the flamethrower is a staple of videogame weaponry. Hit the jump and join me on a small trip through videogame past, present, and future as I explore some of the best, brightest, and most satisfying fire ejectors around."

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Angelitos3730d ago

All of a sudden, we are talking about flamethrowers. I remember using the flamethrower for MGS3 Subsistence online.