Video Game Media: Tomb Raider Underworld Preview

If there has ever been a series in all of video game-dom that severely needed a reboot, it was Tomb Raider. During the Playstation 1 days, Eidos and former developer Core had churned out way too many bland, unchanging sequels. It even continued onto the PS2 with Angel of Darkness.

The series was finally made playable again 10 years later when developer Crystal Dynamics was handed the reigns. Now, with their third TR game – subtitled "Underworld" - on the way, they hope to keep their winning formula intact, while hopefully trying to avoid falling prey to sequel-itis.

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Genesis53731d ago

This game is showing alot of promise. Hope it's great. I love Tomb Raider.

Run_bare3731d ago

I think this game will get me back to her after so many years.

Baba19063731d ago

I am buying this anyway, but as long as the game doesnt go into the shooter genre and keeps the puzzels and jump and run alive i am more than happy.