How Microsoft Pwned My Gamertag

Looks like another gamertag bites the dust. This time, BenDoverx was removed. But was it rightfully so?

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Bloodwar3812d ago

that could be placed in their next update...

What they should have is a section where we select whether we see ALL gamertags or not. Those that we do not see will be the ones MS deems inapropriate. That way, those that are "inapropriate" will be unseen by the kiddy accounts and also those folk who selected the option to not see the gamertags MS deemed inapropriate. Just like a parent can select whether the Xbox can see R-rated movies or play M-rated games they should have a selector that allows folk to see these gamertags or not. If a kid account is playing PGR4 on Live, the MS server will automatically prevent the questionable gamertags from connecting to any server those types of accounts are connected to.

Good idea? I think it could work.

OOG3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Looks like they made him Bendover

joemayo763813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

cmon microsoft seriously i see names like this all the time, jus played a game of halo 3 last night wit a dude calld deez_knutz. Seriously i understand banning discriminatory names, but if ur gunna ban these "novelty" names either remove them all or none at all.

Well hey on the bright side atleast u get a free method of changing ur gamertag (dam why didnt i think of sumthing like that for my name, i hate it now)

BaSeBaLlKiD7213813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

i would be damn sure to have whatever gamertag i want since i pay $50 a year. but my gamertag isnt something like that anyway... but still, people that pay should have any kind of gametag they want unless it has the "n" word or any racist names. i see gamertags like this all the time on the PSN and it never gets bannned... jeez, you pay a fee for a year but still have to do what microsoft says while ps3 owners dont have to pay and have whatever names they want.
yeah xbox live is so much better right? *sarcasm*

if those kind of gamertags make people feel uncomfortable, then they should mind their own business and get over it, its just a word

jaja14343813d ago

I pay taxes which pay for road, so why should I have to follow the speed limit?

I pay almost 14k a year to a school, so I should be able to say what I want to any of my professors without penalty right?

I pay to go to a theater so I should be able to yell at the screen or talk on my phone all I want right?

Granted they are a bit extreme but the point is just because you pay for something does not give you the right to do whatever you damn well please. In this case you agree, when you sign up, to follow all the rules that MS lays out. Don't like it, don't use the service, but saying well I pay so I deserve is just ignorant.

JokesOnYou3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

paying a fee to participate in a social medium does not mean you should be able to do whatever you like....NO thats the whole point the rules are setup to make the community enjoyable for everyone. As for this guys gamertag, I don't think it was too bad/offensive still its not exactly in good taste, I've seen worst but micro is actively working on it, its not something you fix overnight. Also yes the annoying kids and even worst those immature adults can be a headache but Halo3 allows you to mute them and otherwise you could simply turn of the mic in games when you don't want to hear stupid comments back n' forth.


Delt43812d ago

Well put man.......or girl.......GO YOU? Anyways bubbles for the thought process on that comment :D

Master_Queef3813d ago

It looks like they haven't gotten my Tag yet

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