Stream netflix movie rentals to the xbox360

Learn how to stream your netflix video to your xbox360.

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TheXgamerLive3609d ago

later this year as already reported.

Gam713609d ago

And if it works then maybe could do something similar in the UK.

TheXgamerLive3609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

I'd think netflix would work in the UK as well and if it's not running in the Uk it should be later this year.

The advent of it's paring w/Xbox Live would make it an easy success.

Gam713609d ago

I didn't realise Netflix was in the uk. Thought it was us only.

So I could do this now though I've found a lot of sites in america stop other countries from accessing their content so it would be trial and error.

I'm with lovefilm and don't want to swap to another company but this is still good for 360 owners.

rodellison3609d ago

..but I think using the word 'shady' was a little unnecessary. The vmcNetflix plugin has been one of the best Media Center plug ins to come out in a while, and to have it working on the Xbox360 without a lot of effort has been a pleasure. Pause works fine, but fast forward and rewind are still undoubtedly being fine tuned (they are spotty)...but thanks to the creator for making this available.! I do look forward to the time when MS and Netflix finally get integrated, but until that time vmcNetflix rocks.

dragunrising3609d ago

I have Windows XP Media Center 2005; I downloaded all the updates and it tells me my license is invalid and doesn't work. Doesn't make any sense. I tried reinstalling XP but the same thing happens. Windows XP Media Center 2005 technically should work the same way as Vista for anyone curious.

Sayai jin3609d ago

I would really like to use this, but I live in Germany and they block everything. I can not even download episodes from the Marketplace.

thereapersson3609d ago

I still haven't upgraded to Windows Media Player 11 because i've heard bad things about it, so unfortunately I can't use Netflix on my computer just yet. Kind of dumb that they force you to use WMP 11, but whatever. In time i'll probably change my tune about WMP 11...

Gam713609d ago

WMP11 was such a resource hog when it first came out that i stopped using it.
Then when I got my laptop at christmas I found that it played hd files i had at a perfect frame rate and downscaled but still a good picture.

Well it wasn't that great a laptop so just playing a hd file is impressive.
I got a new one a month ago which was dx10 and wmp11 plays the hd files in hd perfectly and will output to 1080p on another screen with no hit on framerate.

I don't know what they've done to it but it's so much better now. I use it as my main dvd player as well.

Of course for smaller movie files and clips its either media player classic or vlc but wmp11 imo is better than it once was.

thereapersson3609d ago

I'll probably upgrade here soon. The good thing is, you can always roll back to a previous version of WMP if you so choose. At least MS gives users the option to do that...

tehReaper3609d ago

Yeah, I'll just wait until LIVE uses it offically because I currently have Windows XP.

I hope that guy didn't use a real username and password, because you can see each letter in his password, as he types it.

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