Spore Spawns Mario's Worst Nightmare

Spore's population of creatures continues to steadily rise since the game's Creature Creator was released just a few weeks ago. GamesRadar have already taken a look at how freaky Pokemon invaded Spore. But today it's all about Mario.

From badass Bowsers to busted Bob-ombs, check out the most awesome and awful clones of Mario's most memorable foes.

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TruthbeTold3735d ago

The good, the bad, and the WTF? Nice little piece.

SCFreelancer3735d ago

While it was to be expected this spore hype keeps amazing me (and making me laugh)! So could anyone tell me what the state of the game itself is? And why you can do with your own creatures in it other then showing them off in youtube movies?

funkeystu3735d ago

SCFreelancer - yeah that's pretty much it atm, having said that the way everything slots together and runs around is pretty cool in itself. The full game will kind of incorporated it into an RTS

Voiceofreason3734d ago

SCFreelancer - Spore is an evolution/civilization type game. You start as a single cell organism. Play a quick game to see how many other organisms you can eat and evolve to the next stage of life. You control and evolve your creatures through the ages. The creature creature is what you use to decide the final look of your creation when they evolve to dry land and try to conquer their home world. When you conquer your planet, your creations can head out into space to face countless other player created civilizations. It is a single player game but the game will bring in player created civ's that are posted online. In fact some of the stuff created on the CC out right now will be used to populate the game world.