No Kratos in Soul Calibur IV

Rumors emerged last week that God Of War protagonist Kratos would appear in the latest rendition of Namco's flagship fighting franchise, Soul Calibur IV. It wasn't too far fetched of a rumor. Afterall, Soul Calibur II featured exclusive characters such as Link on the GameCube version and Heihachi on the PS2 version. However, smashed these rumors in their latest podcast, confirming that Kratos is absent from the game.

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Gun_Senshi3728d ago

Kratos would be OVER POWERED

RememberThe3573728d ago

Are you kidding me? Krato is the GOD OF WAR. I know you saw what he did to Zeus. I don't really see anyone from Soul Caliber do anything like that. So yeah... Call me a fanboy if you want. That mother f*cker slams heads in doors, rips off limbs, and does it all in style. How else am I suppose to react to that?

donator3728d ago

Obviously they would make concessions like they did with the Jedi light sabers. It still would have been cool to play as Kratos though. Although, I'm really looking forward to playing as Hildegard Von Krone. She's got a long spear, a short sword, armor, and cowboy spears. I, well, love her.

sunnygrg3727d ago

I would come right there.

Polluted3728d ago

Bummer. That would have been cool.

juuken3728d ago

Oh well, we still got God of War III am I rite?

eagle213728d ago

They would have sold a lot more copies with Kratos though.....

Serg3728d ago

Kratos was the only reason I considered buying this game. Now Tekken 6 is priority again.

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The story is too old to be commented.