The 10 worst things about the PS3

Sony's been doing the whole games thing for over ten years now, and it's been working on the PS3 for well over three of those. It's had a full year on Microsoft to study what has and hasn't worked with the Xbox 360, yet it's surprising how few lessons have been learned. Sure, nobody's perfect, and Sony will no doubt get its act together over time, but what folks brought home after dropping $500 or $600 is prompting a surprising number of complaints. Some of it is simply not delivering on the (very ambitious) promise, but some of it is just plain annoying. Here's what gamers have been bitching about...

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THWIP3980d ago

...that they were able to narrow the list down to only 10 things. :o

MicroGamer3980d ago

that 2 of the 10 complaints have to do with the sixaxis controllers. I knew those were going to be a mistake from the start.

joemutt3980d ago

Alot of those will ruin your gaming experience. Sony's online component sounds like a nightmare.

untouchable3980d ago

PS2 was not worth buying at launch and now the PS3...people who went and bought them at launch deserves it