Final Horizon PlayStation 4 Review | RealGamerNewz

Josh from RealGamerNewz reviews Final Horizon on PS4:

"Final Horizon comes from Eiconic Games who were founded in 2006 in Oxford, England they primarily develop using their own proprietary software called Moai. Eiconic Games has also developed games for iOS, Android, PS Vita, PS3, Xbox 360, and Xbox Live Arcade. Some of these titles include: Arctic Adventures, Polar Panic, Squeeballs party, mercury, pulsAR, Brain Freeze, Total Recoil, and of course Final Horizon."

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Hitman07691431d ago

I'll probably try this now that I heard about it being good.

TheSuperior 1431d ago

Yeah I'm thinking about it too. I have been hoping for a good strategy game and it sounds like even if the enemies are a little easy to take out that the rest of the game is pretty decent. Might join you on that mate! :)

TheJacksonRGN1431d ago

I might join in as well. Still thinking about it.