GamerTM: The Bourne Conspiracy Review

GamerTM writes: "Matt Damon really doesn't understand why people went to see him in an action role. "I lobbied hard to not make a first-person shooter game but to make it more like Myst, which was a great interesting puzzle you tried to solve – you know, to play with his amnesia or his memory…they weren't interested. They made the video(game) anyway, without my likeness." Word-up, Matt – nobody went to see the Bourne movies to see you furrow your brow at a crossword. They put their hands to their wallets because you kicked a series of asses in a variety of imaginative and brutally punishing ways. You don't have a face that looks like it should kick one, let alone a series of asses, yet asses you did kick and it was awesome. When someone makes a game based on your asskickery then it should come as no shock that the game is ultimately about ass kicking.

Matt's reluctance to get involved hasn't had any affect on the net result of this movie/book tie-in experience. It's a compression of all the action from the programmed-assassin-going- wrong movie, expanded with more action from bits in the books, handled with efficiency that you just don't usually get from games based on action films or books. Slightly creaky in places, but with no serious issues that stop it from keeping your adrenal gland pumping nervous happy sauce around your body, it knows what its job is, and does it. Here's how."

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