Full Bungie Day details released

VG247: Bungie and Microsoft just put out a press release detailing everything gamers can expect from the developer on Monday:

"The tradition of Bungie Day was born in part due to the significance the number 7 has played in all of Bungie's games over the years, including the "Halo" series (7 Halo rings, Master Chief is Spartan 117, etc.), and each year the developer makes a point to use this date to treat fans to something special – usually new content, a free download or other surprise."

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BigKev453523d ago

Bungie should now use a new engine for Halo 4.

TheXgamerLive3523d ago

They only reason they didn't for Halo 3 is due to it's being developed so early on but to there credit they did a hell of a job w/the old engine.

Shroomy3523d ago

Halo 3 engine was pretty much the Halo 1 engine on steroids wasn't it?

The lighting was amazing in Halo 3, but the textures and models were so horrid, and it was the jaggiest game I've played in ages.

Heldrasil3522d ago

Maybe they will annouce that they they are switching to the Unreal engine...hehehehe

Bnet3433523d ago

Last year was crazy though, 07/07/07

Angelitos3523d ago

Halo is the most overrated series there is. I really hope there next is NOT a Halo 4.

RebornSpy3523d ago

I'm glad there are people like you here on N4G to keep topics on-topic and keep everyone positive about gaming! But seriously, GTFO. This is about Bungie Day, not Halo 4.

I'm hoping for something big this year. Hopefully there will be a suprise announcement, but I doubt they will even have anything at E3. It hasn't even been a year since Halo 3 came out.

Shroomy3523d ago

Half Life isn't?

Christ Killzone and Resistance are nearly as bad, soon be worse when they launch.

jif863522d ago

Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 will p!ss on Halo 4 from a great height