How to play PlayStation 1 games on PSP using Popsloader

A tutorial that tells the reader how to play PlayStation 1 EBOOT games on PSP CFW 3.80 M33+ using Dark Alex's Popsloader plugin.

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Silogon3665d ago

From my past experience in emulation across many platforms and devices "even my cell phone and old Phillips TV with usb drive" I can say with 1005 certainty that 7x's out of 10 it is too much of a hassle to emulate the games you are trying to emulate. By the time you do everything you need to do it is easier to just emulate them on a computer and be done with it or buy the real thing.

Swapping disc and uploading this and unloading this and reloading this and putting disc here and cache files on usb thumb sticks, it's all a bunch of junk bunk.

jkoz3665d ago

Only, it's actually simple as all hell and works great.

Stryfeno13665d ago

I have CFW 4.01 m33-2 and it works like a charm...Only if the PSP screen was bigger.

ThanatosDMC3665d ago

Aint this old... practically everybody with a modded psp knows how to do this all ready...

Doppy3664d ago

I want to mod my PSP, but I'm scared of breaking it.

ChrisGTR13665d ago

whats the point of upgrading FW? i have 3.70 m33 i dont see the purpose of upgrading. i can play ps1 games on that one.

Skerj3665d ago

Because the popsloader gets updated every so often to increase compatibility. Persona 2 still crashes randomly if you have the Persona animations enabled which ramps up during boss fights when it's mandatory afaik :(

jkoz3665d ago

Whoever submitted this.... clearly doesn't know what this is all about, CFW. This has been a feature since 3.02 OE-B a year and a half ago. Why pick an arbitrary middle of the run firmware version instead of the latest one? Whatever... old news either way. Really, really old news.

mirroredderorrim3665d ago

It depends on the Eboots used with pops.
Generally they need to be cleanly packed and done right, but that still doesn't mean Persona II would be insured from crashing.

Also compatibility gets better with every new release, the Eboots aren't all the same, so find FULL Eboots and not ripped ones, which have more risk of crashing or just plain encounter various other unexplainable(s).

Skerj3665d ago

This I know, I've ripped my own personal copy and tried every possible setting when creating the eboot and I still get the crash. I was alright up until the hospital boss and then I just gave up, the graphical glitches were fixed though using the 3.71 popsloader.

Skerj3664d ago

And now thanks to this freaking awesome update and some outstanding people at MaxConsole, Persona 2 now works on PSP without crashing or the menu slowdown that plagued it before. I can't believe it's finally working correctly.

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