Runescape HD now in Beta

Neocrisis writes: Remember Runescape? It was a smash hit for tons of MMORPG-ers, especially those who couldn't afford games like World of Warcraft. Unfortunatly, a small game screen and poor graphics caused many of its players to lose interest in the game pretty quick. However, a recent update to the game may make you want to start playing it again.

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SullyDrake3694d ago

I love RPG's, and I like the premise of Rune Scape, but I've tried a few times to get into it and I just can't. My brother, however, loved it so much he used to be a member.

But either way it was kinda due for a next-gen overhaul. And it actually looks good.

rimbreaker3694d ago

this is exactly what rs needed. I havent played in almost 2 years but now i am contemplating a return. Varrock, here i come!....maybe

Kyle12123694d ago

meh, wont touch it with a 40 foot pole.

TrevorPhillips3694d ago

my bro played this game alot so i decide the block the site