Guitar Hero Expansion Answers Aerosmith Enthusiasts' Prayers

I don't know about you guys, but playing with Aerosmith is just something I didn't even dare to dream of. Having them in my living-room would be another thing, but thanks to Guitar Hero, I will be just one of the millions of happy fans that can make both of their dreams become reality.

"Guitar Hero: Aerosmith" is much like Guitar Hero III, but with more of a personal feeling for all those classic rockers out there. They now have the opportunity to be a part of the Aerosmith history, from the Nipmuc High School to the star-studded halftime show at the Big Game.

The game offers an exclusive chance to enter the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, by offering all Guitar Hero and Aerosmith lovers out there the opportunity to fill in Joe Perry's shoes and play alongside Steven Tyler in some of the best concerts the world has ever seen.

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JD_Shadow3698d ago

But the way this story was on the front page (the first sentence being the only full sentence on that front page), that just sounded plain SICK!

Angrychinchilla3698d ago

I want to pick this up but not for $60. When it's $40, i'll get it. Looking forward to that

pwnsause3698d ago

why couldnt this just be DLC? its stupid and it makes no sense. i hope this stupid trend doesnt continue, cause it fails HARD.

SullyDrake3698d ago

They should of saved it for GHIV, and released 2 or 3 whole Aerosmith albums, like they do on Rock Band.

Now, the upcoming GH Metallica I might get, cuz love 'em or hate 'em, Metallica are first and foremost a guitar band.

And a GH Opeth would actually make me yell "F*CK YES!" out loud.

freakyzeeky3698d ago

I wonder who is actually going to buy this game...

SullyDrake3698d ago

She loves Aerosmith, so this game is for her.

I hate Aerosmith. I coud tolerate the game if it had "Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" because I ADORE that song, but they excluded it for some reason.

One of the draws of music games is variety... There's almost always something for everyone. This is why GH Aerosmith fails.

titntin3698d ago

Having played and finished this its a real failure.

Only 31 songs - about 12 of them from other artists. I did enjoy many of the other songs, but the lack of variety being forced to play Aerosmith is a real let down, and the whole experience is far too short, and a little easier than GH3 - I got gold stars and always 5 stars on first play through.

Of course, I actulla yhate Aerosmith, so thats gonna be a big factor here, but ob ly real die hard fans should apply for this one!

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