GamerTM: Battlefield: Bad Company Review

GamerTM writes: "Remember when you exited the sewer in Oblivion and were treated to a view of a beautiful rolling landscape that stretched off into the distance and filled your heart with wonder and awe? Rubbish, clunky first-generation no-talent fake and repetitive rubbish, the lot of it.

If you want to see what the 360 can really do, even if you've got stubby toes for trigger fingers and would rather slap around piñatas than go to electric war, you seriously need to get hold of Bad Company, boot it up and witness what a true digital landscape can look like now. As an FPS technical achievement Bad Company is Armstrong landing on the moon multiplied by the Manhattan Project. Look at it. Just bloody look at it. Then blow it up. Go on, blow it up. You know you want to."

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