Lawrence reviews Battlefield:Bad Company

Dan Ryckert writes:

''Things must be hard for developers hoping to make a wartime FPS these days. Infinity Ward's Call of Duty 4 effectively raised the bar to an absurd degree, blowing away even Microsoft's baby, Halo 3, to claim the number one spot on Xbox Live and sell over 10 million copies. Like so many other gamers, COD4 became my go-to game when I needed an online FPS fix. While Battlefield: Bad Company is also a FPS set in modern times, you have to go into it knowing it's not Call of Duty. It's certainly a different style of play, but I can imagine many gamers will learn to have a lot of fun with it once they get used to the change.

One noticeable difference is in the single-player experience. While COD4's campaign was brilliant, it was incredibly short-lived. Bad Company features more missions, and each is noticeably longer in length. It's also far more lighthearted than most FPS fare, featuring wisecracking characters and some odd situations (try not to think of Jackass as you speed through a war zone in a golf cart).''

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