Plants vs. Zombies - Retro Reflections

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

Just when you think that inspiration may be missing from the world of video games, where sequels and clones are the norm, a production such as Plants vs Zombies appears and makes you change your mind.

(Editor's note: When Dimitris first submitted this one, I was like - Plants vs. Zombies is hardly a retro title. Then I realized that it's nearly six years old. My goodness)

The game’s main idea sounds both silly and funny. A house is under attack from zombies and you must defend it. How? By placing plants in its garden! Of course, these aren’t ordinary plants. Besides the fact they are as big as a man, they can also fight, by firing various projectiles (usually), biting, stomping or even exploding. As for the zombies, although they are not known for being …vegetarian, here they seem to like eating plants too, at least until they enter the house.

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