GamerTM: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Review

GamerTM writes: "When Guitar Hero II and III came out, throwing high scores their way was as simple as "Slow Ride" on Easy. Both titles rocked our world and so the idea of a one-off special featuring one of the biggest rock acts of all time is another welcome addition. However, it is both Aerosmith's blessing and its curse that, if we are to cut bluntly to the chase, the game is little more than Guitar Hero III in a new suit.

Aerosmith runs off the Guitar Hero III engine with no gameplay variations or added tweaks, so there's nothing new to play with. What you've got is a 30-track career mode with a Boss Battle rock-off with Joe Perry and a further 10 buyable tracks available in-store. Compare this list of tracks to the 70+ of the previous titles (not to mention the near 70 that come pre-packed with Rock Band) and it's easy to feel a little short-changed from a full price release. There are no plans for any downloadable content for the game either, so that's your lot. 40 tracks for £50 – is it worth it? That almost certainly depends on how big a Guitar Hero or Aerosmith fan you are."

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