Gaming Deals of the Week: July 4th Edition

It's time to celebrate Independence Day with some great deals brought to you by Ripten. Here are some money saving tips that will leave you with enough cash left over to buy a few extra cases of booze this weekend.

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Twizlex3613d ago

Turok is almost $20 cheaper on the 360. Let's see how the respective fanboys spin that fact to support them.

Nostradavis3613d ago

I do find it strange that Sony wouldn't equally discount the title. That said, if you are buying a console based on Turok's price, you should have your head examined.

Twizlex3612d ago

If you are buying Turok period you should have your head examined.

Twizlex3613d ago

That Diablo 2 deal would be great if I didn't already buy the game 10 years ago.

Nostradavis3613d ago

Guess they are trying to lure the WoW gamers off of one drug and on to another....