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The 6 Most Blatantly 'Borrowed' Concepts of this Generation

This gaming generation has seen great innovation, yet it has also seen its fair share of imitation. GamePro pit the originators against the imitators to see who does it better!

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picoso363728d ago

I own a Wii. Hardly touch it because of the controller. Great concept, but needs some work with connectivity. C'mon - a "sensor bar?" Nintendo should explore Bluetooth and remove this headache.

mesh13728d ago

guys avatars have been proven to be fake bu tyet gamepro is still running this article we alreasy no gamepro is a sony site but they need to tone it down a bit so the mass dont discover they are biased we sony fans need more site that are pro sony .

Fernando Rocker3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

I doubt you have a Wii...

Do you know the function of the sensor bar?

The Wii remote works with Bluetooth. The sensor bar is just a pair of infrared lights, and the camera inside the remote detects those lights to use the IR Pointer.

The sensor bar is only to use the pointer functions. The camera is that little black window at the top of the remote.

The rest of the connectivity (buttons, analog stick, d-pad, motion) works with Bluetooth.

ChickeyCantor3728d ago

without the bar, the controller would be hell.

TayTayShaniqua3728d ago

6- Avatars

Home is a MMORPG at its most fundamental level which is something Sony has been doing since the EQ days almost a decade ago.


5- Wii White



3- Saint's Row

And every fps is a ripoff of previous fps. And every rpg is a ripoff of previous rpgs. Whatever.


2- Trophies

Microsoft ripped off Sony's Skill Points from Insomniac's games like Ratchet and Clank and others that they've had since the late 1990s. "You've earned a skill point" for a variety of tasks and goals and the total skill point score could be used to buy/unlock items or features.

Microsoft has never once thanked or acknowledged Sony for giving them the idea for achievements.


1- The Sixaxis

Oh god. Arcade games, pc controllers going all the way back to the 1990s have had motion controls. So Nintendo built their console entirely on the waggle gimmick. Whoop dee f-ing doo.


SUP3R3728d ago

That entire rant is FAIL

TayTayShaniqua3728d ago

What is amazingly pathetic about Microsoft's ripoff of Sony's Skill Points with their own skill points(achievements) is they didn't even rip the idea off correctly.

Getting Skill Points was worthwhile because they rewarded the player by unlocking things in the game. Microsoft didn't understand what they were ripping off and just lumped everything into some pointless 'gamer score' which means absolutely nothing to anyone.

Sony's new version of Skill Points with the Trophy system will reward players with things inside of Home or other areas of the PS3. Not surprising that they got the concept right and have refined it further since they invented the concept years ago.

mintaro3728d ago

It's Insomniac's skillpoints, not Sony's

TayTayShaniqua3728d ago

The Wii/avatar one really is the most absurd.

Sony has been making MMORPGs for a decade and Home has been in development since the early PS2 days - although it wasn't called Home back then. Home's avatars are using much of the same code and tech from Sony's other MMORPGs for the customization.

Not only did come out with a utterly lame and gimped version of custom online avatars they did so years after much better implementations have been made by Sony and countless other game companies.

Nintendo's Miis are so lame that you almost never see Wii owners using them as their online images.

SuicidalTendencies3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

TayTay, why did you bring up Sony's Home when they didn't even mention Sony about the avatars. They were talking about Microsoft's rumored avatars. Which brings up the point of this post. Why are they commenting on a rumor and since when did Nintendo invent avatars?

Edit: Again you comment about Sony when they weren't even mentioned in the article about avatars. Did you even read the damn article?

ExAtari3728d ago

This article was a disgusting piece of clueless fanboyism.

It is all too common unfortunately where someone goes from "I am a fan of a certain game or system" therefore "that game or system 'invented' some concept or idea".

Microsoft's poorly implemented achievement system isn't just a ripoff of Insomniacs Ratchet and Clank skill points it is nothing more than the same old high score displays at arcades from all the way back to the late 1970s.

ExAtari3728d ago

SuicidalTendencies, did YOU read the idiotic article?

"The Originator:

Nintendo, who brought personalization to a new level with Miis. "

That is absurd on so many levels.

1. To even claim Nintendo was Teh Originator of online avatars

2. That the gimped and limited Miis somehow brought online avatars to ' a new level'

It's not just Sony who have been doing online avatars better years before Nintendo came out with their halfassed version for the Wii.

ry-guy3728d ago

Did you even read the TITLE of the article?

It is talking about *this* generation.

SuicidalTendencies3728d ago

I already commented on Nintendo being the "originator" of avatars. The article still didn't mention Sony about avatars and took a shot at MS rumored avatars. I do agree that his whole article is stupid though.

qface643728d ago

i can go on and on about how much this rant is a fail but i laughed when you called home a mmorpg lat time i check mmo would have worked just fine you could have just said that

ExAtari3728d ago

qface64 are you really that clueless not to know that Home is built off of Sony's own MMORPG engines and codebases?


ExAtari3728d ago

And one last thing before I go eat.

I invented posting, stop blatantly copying me.

qface643728d ago

are you that clue less that you don't kno what the term mmorpg means?

SUP3R3728d ago

I just witnessed you use two accounts in one discussion.
Isn't there a rule against that?

Voiceofreason3728d ago

Let me end your little fanboy crying spout for you. EQ was not made by Sony. So even though they started before the Wii, They were not invented by Sony. Also its not like EQ was the first MMO. Nintendo was working on Mii's on the GB long ago. Also I have yet to see an Avatar system in any game that allowed for the same level of creation as the Mii system. Tons of people have Mii's that look just like them. The same cannot be said for MMO players.

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Marojado3728d ago

i thought the main flaw with the article was saying Konami was an imitator, when it pretty much pioneered instrument related games. The site even states that the games came out prior to rock band or guitar hero. I think in relation to this, the main thing Harmonix has done has introduced it to a mainstream western market, which is no mean feat, but to say Konami is copying them with instrument perephials is wrong.

Awesomeo30003728d ago

this is dumb article cause the video game industry just like any industry is built upon doing wat ur competitors do but better everyone learns from everyone else doesn't make it wrong at all

poos33728d ago


qface643728d ago

thats the slowest thing i heard all day :'D i needed a lugh

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