Game Boyz reviews Metal Gear Solid 4 (9.5/10)

GB reports:

''Simply put, Metal Gear Solid 4's visuals are the best I have seen on the PlayStation 3 to date. In fact, if your only reason for picking up the game was for the graphics alone you are definitely getting your money's worth. Heck, some would say it is arguably the best selling feature in the game. I can't argue the first have of that logic as the graphics are definitely stunning as they jump out from the screen and truly come to life. Everything from the games incredibly realistic environments, cinematic cut-scenes, life-like character models, explosion effects to the realistic lighting will leave you awe-struck at times. If you ever have some friends over and you want to show off your PS3, this is the game you need to show them. Those home theatre buffs would call Metal Gear Solid 4 a great demo disc and for good reason.''

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PimpHandHappy3612d ago

im sure ppl wont read this but i want to ask something

im sure i can find the answer myself but im lazy

How many reviews of MGS did this site get? Im guess over a 100


how many reviews does metric count and has it been the same number of reviews as a year ago?

answer this and u get a bubble everytime i see you post

PimpHandHappy3612d ago

200 reviews on this site

what does metric use?

thor3612d ago

Metacritic does its best to bump PS3 scores down - they haven't even used the score from Famitsu, which was one of the first reviews and Famitsu is a world-renowned magazine. Even so, it's still 94 on there, from 63 reviews I think.