Fighting words

Michael Abbott reports:

''I've been following the hostility and vituperation flying around various websites and message boards over CliffyB's description of MGS4 as "passive entertainment on its way out." The fanboy flame wars burn bright as the online battle is pitched between fans of CliffyB (Western, action-driven, "web 2.0 stuff") vs. fans of Kojima (Japanese, story-driven, old-school stealth and espionage).

How hot can these fights get? To what lengths will devoted fans go to defend the integrity of their entertainment idols? Could two opposing groups of fans actually come to blows over what are essentially artistic differences?''

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Silogon3734d ago

Cliffy B is a smack, hack, jerk spurt butt dong and Kojima is not. Case closed.

eagle213734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Kojima is on whole another level than this guy is right now or will ever be.

If any developer talks smack about awesome game franchises they are jealous with a fad waiting to happen. Just want attention.

Cliffy's fad will pass. He will be humbled one of these days. When the smoke clears, Kojima will still be making awesome games with sophistication.

Tmac3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

ClibbyB doesn't wanna be called CliffyB anymore. World still Calls CliffyB, CliffyB. Why is this? because CliffyB is just a pompous jack off, sure he helps create good games, but JUST Because a game is better than your own, doesn't mean you have to shoot it down.

Time to grow up Cliff.

NO_PUDding3733d ago

"Could two opposing groups of fans actually come to blows over what are essentially artistic differences?"

Yes becuase one is not an artistic difference. It's an entertainment difference. Kojima wants to say something about current affairs in an entertaining package (as is art), and Cliffy B as he is now no longer known wants to curb stomp people for plain entertainment.

Different games, but one does not deserve to be called art, and really isn't trying to push gamign as we know it at all. Atleast Kojima is playign with boundaries.

ExAtari3733d ago

CliffyB is the gayest nick in all of gaming - what a complete loser.

This assclown is nothing more than a wanna be John Romero without the lovely flowing hair.

3733d ago
socomnick3733d ago

@Chris Bosch --

STfu up kid lol your making yourself look stupid.

RememberThe3573733d ago

I doubt Kojima would make himself look like f*cking moron. Cliffy's got his opinions, my question is why do you guys care?

thewhoopimen3733d ago

CliffyB, you are no game auteur. You might be in about 10 years, but until then...try to keep your comments pointed closer to home.

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wabashprof3733d ago

This excerpt only sets the table for the real gist of the article.

ActionBastard3733d ago

They are both great games, but their greatness lies with their differences. Probably a poor choice of words on Cliff's side, but it's his opinion and he's entitled to it.

socomnick3733d ago

I agree with you 100 percent action. Everyone is entitled to their opinion therefore I dont understand the criticism.

For example I though mgs 4 was a good game but nothing special. Imo I felt it strayed too far from classic mgs 1-3 gameplay. It felt less like a stealth game and more like a war game.

thewhoopimen3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

As much as I think GeOW is a great game, I don't think it can be compared to MGS4. What makes GeOW "great" is its smooth animation, its unique "run" camera angle, and great graphics. These are similar to what made "300" a visual spectacle to watch but like 300, predictable. What's worse though, is that none of these aforementioned elements are CliffyB's design. GeOW's architecture and design have been around since Unreal. The costume and level designers are certainly deserving of huge respect. But beyond that though, the plot is extremely formulaic, predictable and trite. The characters are one note. The game panders to the general audience's taste for extremely graphic violence. Again I repeat, much like "300".

While MGS4 certainly has its shares of dunce cap moments and in no way is perfect, there is no denying it is its own story and defies conventional shoehorning. MGS4 the game is MGS4 the movie and portrays its unique artistic universe. I would compare its flawed uniqueness to a Kubrick-esque film, but neither of their work share any connection except, perhaps for self-indulgence.

badz1493733d ago

no one should talk bad about other people's games and stick you comments and interviews to your own game ONLY! Kojima is a veteran in this industries and NEVER ONCE I heard he piss on his competitions and he's dedicated to all his works! just look at the amount of details in MGS4, you simply can't ask for more! he's one great humble guy and that's why he's being highly respected!!

in the other hands, CliffyB, it's like humble is not one of his inner built at all! talking trash and downplay the competitions with his words and acting like a douche! he really thinks that his game is the best?? or does he even know how to choose proper words before talking?? but seeing as everytime, it's always "bigger, better and more badass!!"...ok, he should have just SHUT THE FVCK UP!! and just let the game do the talking!!

beavis4play3733d ago

cliffyb should just shut the h#ll up. his company produced the unreal engine. he didn't have to do it.

kojima is on a much higher level than cliff. what cliffy doesn't realize is that there are mindless,storyless shooters all over the place. cliffy should be in the pr dept. at epic. he's good at trying to sell his games with curse words and hyperbole.(if i hear "bigger,badder and more badass" one more time i'm going to throw up)

it's too bad cliffys games can't do his talking for him. then he wouldn't have to insult other devs and swear constantly to get attention.

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