Bungie's next project, something to do with a Superintendent?

Neogaf writes:

For those not following the past few months of Bungie Updates, or the giant Halo 3 mega thread, Bungie appears to have been dropping a series of hints about their first post-Halo project. Today three more iterations of the teasing showed up, so in the interest of keeping the discussion out of the Halo threads - since it's pretty clearly not Halo related - I've compiled all of the hints that have been spotted so far.

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TrevorPhillips3517d ago

ohh cant wait to see what the new game project is... but to my guess i rekon its halo 4 or halo chronicles

Xi3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

"We're actively engaged with the senior staff here on a couple of |new| IPs right now, but the team that can generate cool Halo games is still running full-speed as well."

emphasis on the new... Bungie has confirmed there has been development on a new IP ever since the completion of halo2.

however, one of the deals that was made with regards to bungie seperating from MS included another game based in the halo universe. So there likely is another halo game in the pipeline but I think we'll see a new bungie halo game being announced sometime in 09 with a new bungie IP being announced in 2008.

Leathersoup3517d ago

Next Bungie title is "Doug Unplugger: Space Janitor"!!!

Freak of Nature3517d ago

Halo 4,Halo wars,Peter Jackson's halo project are all something to look forward to.

As for one of the new IP's......I for one would like to see something more "quirky", a act/adv-platformer with a more caricature toonish style along the lines of Pixar.I think a game like that would be something special coming from them,and a breath of fresh air...

Xi3517d ago

I would rather see then do a fanatasy title, something more like myth.

I mean, they've already prooven they can do the whole sci-fi genre (marathon/halo) and the cyber punk (oni) i think the fantasy genre would be a nice change for them.

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The story is too old to be commented.