Classic Controller Adapters for the Wii

RetroZone doles out the classic controller lovin with a pair of adapters that allow you to use authentic old-school Nintendo game pads with your Wii virtual console games. The adapters will come in two flavors, original NES and SNES. and will plug into the GameCube ports on top of your Wii.

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MicroGamer3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

I still have my NES and SNES. :-D

The only problem is what happens if you wear out your old controllers?? There's going to be huge increase in prices on used systems and controllers on ebay. :-(

eepiccolo3947d ago

I wonder if they'll make them for the N64 too?

ChickeyCantor3947d ago

Snes controllers are so freaking cheap, why even bother put them on ebay?

Odiah3947d ago

Nintendo gamers are pretty <(o'-'o)>


We're so nostalgic.