Game Vortex reviews NASCAR 09

Ricky Tucker reports:

''NASCAR 09 makes a number of adjustments to last year's bare bones experience, but still falls short of expectations.

The more noticeable of these improvements are the visuals. All of the major tracks are represented and recreated right down to the finest of details, most notably the lighting. The same goes for the cars, which feature all of the major sponsor markings and support realistic damage as you bump and crash (okay... maybe not crash) your way around the track. Compared to last year, it is as close to a massive overhaul as you could expect. At the same time, the game still lacks that little something extra to really bring everything together. Looking at other racing games out there, NASCAR 09 has a particular "gloss" about it that makes it look too much like a video game. It won't ruin the experience, but at the same time it may turn off a few players.

Taking a cue from Forza, NASCAR 09 features a paint shop mode that lets you design your car. It isn't as friendly as the system Forza uses, but it gives you a fair amount of freedom to design the stock car you always wanted, but could never afford. There's also a way to customize decals using any photo editing software on your PC. As cool as it sounds, the process is cumbersome and really not worth the time - especially since anyone not on your Friends List won't be able to see your creations.''

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