PlayStation Beyond Ferrari Challenge Review - 9/10 writes: "Ferrari fans will love the attention to detail in all the cars with the engine sounds being nearly spot on to their real life counterparts. Many will view the game as a time filler before Gran Turismo 5 is released, however Ferrari Challenge is more than worthy of the Ferrari badge and System 3 can hold their heads high knowing that they have created one of the best racers of this generation"

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Silogon3694d ago

Is this the game that couldn't be done on the xbox 360? If so I don't see anything here the xbox 360 couldn't do except for all those Jaggies.

resistance1003694d ago

The game could be run on X360 no problem. The dev only stated that for hype.

Blood_Spiller3694d ago

The 360 can easily do jaggies, just look at Forza 2 and Halo 3 :)

eagle213694d ago

That crapfest should never even release in that condition.

eagle213694d ago

Comes out in August for the US. :)

resistance1003694d ago

Yep great game, just gald us europeans get to enjoy it a month before the US for a chance ^_______________________^

yanikins1113694d ago