Top 10 Games that Don't Need Sequels

Video games often put out sequels they don't need. Which games don't need anymore sequels? From Metal Gear Solid 4 to Halo, 411's Derek Robbins ranks the game franchises that no longer need sequels!

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SuicidalTendencies3735d ago

I agree with number 1. Why release the same damn sports game every year that is just a roster update? That's why I buy my sports games every other year. The only exception is this past year of 2K hockey cause I wanted to try out the new control scheme. Unless something big was changed in 2k9(doubt it) I'll probably just pick up next years addition. Just release a roster update on the systems marketplace and give the devs another year to make something better.

Closing3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

I knew Bloodmask was behind this before I even clicked on the link due to the picture even though Halo was mentioned here as well. If it were ten greatest games of all time you better believe he'd have a Halo picture. It's like he spends his entire day finding these to post.

C'mon man you're becoming redundant as hell. Switch it up a bit sometimes.

Well no offense, but I'm not even going to spend my time reading this. Get back to me when you find some real news bro.

Vicophine3735d ago

Well I remember reading his fanboy comments when he actually used to comment here, so I still take any news he posts with a grain of salt.

WIIIS13734d ago

I wonder why some people get Sony defensive about everything, even an article as neutral as this.