AMD's R700 Card Comes with 2GB of GDDR5 Memory

AMD's GeForce killer is coming and, as expected, it will ship as a dual-core graphics card, ready for some serious graphics performance. For the moment details are scarce but even so, the new model promises to unleash a whole new level of power.

For starters, the new Radeon graphics card now has an official name, R700, but, according to some recent ongoing rumors, for the consumer market it will be branded as Radeon HD 4870 X2. The card is going to be build with 2GB of GDDR5 graphics memory, but there is a possibility for a 1GB version.

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Kami3733d ago

wow now im happy i didn't get the Nvidia GTX 280 the other day. but i still want to see its performance.

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Ghoul3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

im no fan of sli or crossfire cards :( i hope its not just 2 4870 packed together, they just consume to much watt for my taste the recent 4870 in crossfire (wich basiacally is a 4870x2) loads 430 watt under pressure and 248 in idle wich is faar to much imo. and didnt even beat the gtx260 in crisis (265 load | 148 idle)

nothing negativ here i really hope they deliver i want some competition finally to nvidia

but maybe im wrong you never cant really trust those benchamrks can you, what ever im very satisfied with my 260gtx sofar

Xi3733d ago

X2 means that it's the 4870 featuring 2 chips on a single board, if you were to run this in crossfire it's about the same equivelent of running 4 4870s in crossfire with much much better scaling.

Ghoul3733d ago

yes yes sure your right i just hope they dont have a to high power consumption thats all :)

Guwapo773733d ago

At the $300 range you'll find the HD4870 exceeds GTX260 or matches the performance. At the cost of 16.1 watts under load.

I will give it to Nvidia for the MUCH better idle performance. In that case...simply turn your computer off for extended idleing.

Performance per watt the winners are HD4850 and HD4870.

With that said...I am kinda concerned about this X2. But if this card has lower wattage draw than 4870CF I'll go the X2 route.

Guwapo773733d ago

Xi - That is exactly what the X2 means. But the problem you'll find is the drivers running X2 in CF. They have had their fair share of problems.

Ghoul3733d ago


well put together these are exact my thought and concerns, all i can say is taht after owning a slicard im very disapointed with em you just have to much trouble for my taste and not the extra on performance i would have hoped for.

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xav09713733d ago

there is no way your running crysis with 8X AA with that frame rate. look at any review of the 4870 and you'll never see AA used. The reason is crysis runs too slow with AA on. even 2X AA kills this games frame rates.

Ghoul3733d ago

aboslutly true

im running the game on 1680x1050 NO AA 16x AF on about 30 frames dipping to 20 sometimes on very high settings (wich is enough for me tto fully enjoy the game )on a core2duo 6700, gtx260 xxx edition, 4gb ram, Vista)

funkeystu3733d ago

GIJeff said he's running on high rather than very high.

GIJeff3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

1680x1050 on high is != 1900x1200 on very high. Im also running XP 64 at the moment.

Xi3733d ago

I mean, 2 4870x2's in crossfire will be able to run absolutely anything.

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