Sony Still Quiet on 2.4 Progress

Sony is staying hush on when the pulled PS3 2.4 firmware update may be reinstated for download.

You, like CVG, would probably like to at least have a rough idea of how long it may be before Sony fixes the problem and delivers the goods, but in pestering Sony UK today, CVG was told there was "no further update".

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PoSTedUP3665d ago

sony says "shhhhhhh, we tryin to concentrate"

Organic_Chemistry3665d ago

I dont know about anyone else, but I cant play CoD4 online, it freezes my system at the loading game types page, has this happened to anyone else after they have downloaded 2.40? Let me know if it had. This is just another reason to ditch cod4 and play mgso

gambare3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

I've been playing CoD4 normally after the 2.40 patch, maybe you should check who's leeching your broadband or clean the dust of your CoD disk.

Silogon3665d ago

Typical Sony. Maybe they'll axe the firmware just like they did Eightdays and Getaway and Heavenly sword. They'll do it cause it didn't have "enough" online aspects to it. They should've had more online in it, guys. Had to have more online. Just had to! Don't know what kind of online, just more of it.

idots + Dong Bangers = Sony

MUNKYPOO3665d ago

idiot + dong bangers= silogon

Wildarmsjecht3665d ago

You are the most bi-polar poster on this site.

digger183665d ago

No, he's just a complete and utter idiot

Wildarmsjecht3665d ago

Asking every hour will surely make them go faster. / sarcasm.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3665d ago

I'm glad I downloaded it before the pull and enjoying the in-game Cros Media Bar with no problems.

actas1233665d ago

I downloaded it when it was live the first time, and it worked until yesterday. Whenever I push the PS button I get the same screen I used to get before getting 2.4. is this happening to everyone?

Frulond3665d ago

not to me but... if you press the PS button for 2 sec you get the old menu screen and single click for XMB.

also not all games support it but for me hasn't work inside a lobby or match in MGO but does work outside lobbies.

actas1233665d ago

Ok. I see now. Thanx man.

Frulond3665d ago

took me 2 disagrees so far lol!
glad to help

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3665d ago

Yeah my friend also encountered the problem of it not working in MGO, though it works fine for me on all occasions.

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