Gamervision Retro Review: Castlevania (NES)

Gamervision reports:

''Last week, the hopes and dreams of Castlevania fans everywhere were crushed with the announcement that the first game in the series for the Wii was going to be a 3D fighter. While I still can't get over what a bad idea that is, I decided to go back to a better time in Castlevania history. I could have reviewed the PS1 gem Symphony of the Night, everyone's favorite Castlevania game, but I think I covered that ground pretty well with last fall's Dracula X Chronicles on the PSP. Instead I went back to where it all began: the original Castlevania on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

I remember loving this game as a child, but it had been years since I last played it. I couldn't tell you why, since I have a perfectly good copy at home, but I think it's because when I need an old-school Castlevania fix, Symphony of the Night always does it for me. Popping this one in for the first time in ages, I was almost afraid that it wasn't going to hold up and that my memories of the game would be tainted. However, unlike many games from the 8-bit era, Castlevania manages to stand the test of time, though some of its flaws have become more apparent with age.''

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