Gamervision reviews NASCAR 09

Gamervision reports:

''If it's summer, you better believe it's time for NASCAR. EA Sports brings us yet another of their yearly franchises, and just in time, too. I was starting to get that itch I get around this time every year to come out of retirement, and strap myself into a virtual stock car. I may be as casual a NASCAR fan as you can possibly be, but that's never stopped me from enjoying the video game translation of America's most popular sport. Despite Jeff Gordon being the coverboy, this year was certainly going to be no exception. Last year was the first time 360 owners got a chance to see what EA could do with a next-gen NASCAR. Well, they almost got it. The game had some horribly flawed AI, and the online was a disaster at best. The good news is with another year to work out some kinks, NASCAR 09 is better than 08. The bad news is it isn't better by much.''

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