Should Male Characters In MMOs Be Stronger Than Females?

MTV Multiplayer writes: "Last month, some "Age of Conan" forum members discovered that female characters in the MMO swing their weapons slower than males, causing them to do significantly less damage over time.

Developers at Funcom stated earlier this week that they "never intended for any character to be stronger/weaker than another based on its gender." They said the fix will be coming in the next several weeks.

Reading about this topic on a few other gaming blogs, I noticed a few comments from people who thought there should be differences between male and female avatars in terms of physical abilities. Here's what I found:"

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Alexander Roy3700d ago


Why? There was this girl in my class, who could kick my ass easily. She wasn't a body builder or anything like that, she was just badass. Luckily we are friends, so I'm safe. :P

kevin11223700d ago

so because you are weak women should be strong lol.

Alexander Roy3700d ago


This question shows how many people think in stereotypes.

donator3700d ago

Aren't games usually supposed to suspend belief so that we may escape reality? Why punish girls for playing games as girls. Or why punish guys who play as girls for their own reasons. I don't want to go into psychobabble.

Leord3700d ago

While it might be more logical to let women *over all* have lower physical stats, it's not fair and not working in gameplay. In a Japanese dating game or the like, they might do this, but not any form of action/rpg games!

Problem is that men and women tend to end up differently on the charts of performance, in terms of physics, or mental capacity. Men usually populates most of the bottom rankings, as well as the top ones, while women more tend to stay between the two extremes, more to the middle.

Most (not all) extremely intelligent, extremely stupid, extremely strong, extremely fast, extremely long, extremely short tend to be men. Women are just better balanced =)

For an MMO such as Conan it should not be any difference though, as the game isn't trying to describe a GENDER, but the type of person that would typically do a certain thing as a "profession", or lifestyle. Then the standards are to that lifestyle or profession, not gender. Women can very well be "over all" managing less physical strength, but the ones adventuring sure don't, or they would get crushed!

Armyless3699d ago

Men and women are different.

I know that shocks some of you.

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Potty Scotty3700d ago

Yeah, stronger and slower and not as limber.

Silogon3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

By and large, passed down in history and genetics the male is dominate. Why should we have to sugar coat and change **** around to make people live in a bigger fantasy world than they are already playing in?

Please. It's like Spike Lee telling Clint Eastwood he should have had Black Soldiers hoisting the Flag at Uwajima. Doesn't make sense. It's like how they had 3 white fire fighters lifting a flag after the towers fell and on the statue they made they had 1 black one, a white one and a Mexican one. Where's the Indian?

See what I mean? They change enough history around and as Napoleon said "History is a lie agreed upon" but the truth is the truth.

So, in closing, you might have 1 or 2 or 10 or 100 bad ass women out of 1000 men that could be tougher/stronger/ whatever but statistically and genetically it's always been

Male > Female when it comes to overall physical prowess/barring giving birth of corse. And until they incorporate that into a game, it should reamin as such.

DavidMacDougall3700d ago

And the words of the day are "3 white fighter fighters "

AscendedConservative3700d ago

very true bro. it's all because of political correctness... the new form of censorship. and you gotta luv the "repeat a lie enough times, and people will accept it as fact" quote.

-ascended conservative
PSN: Homey_D_Klown

PeeboDaKilla3700d ago

lmao. An ascended conservative?
That's like gloating about reaching a new level of ignorant stupidity

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iamtehpwn3700d ago

Women aren't stronger in real life,
Why should they be in video games?

Alexander Roy3700d ago

Have you ever seen a female bodybuilder?

Impact3700d ago

and whats your fuking point? overall men are naturally superior in the physical department. I'm not saying women can't be strong. there is a reason in sports and in combat they have different weight classes and leagues for men and women of all sizes

Fishy Fingers3700d ago

"Women aren't stronger in real life, "

Computer games aren't and neither claim to be real life representations. I'm not sure whether you should concern yourself with "my male character should REALISTICALLY be stronger than that female", while your slaying a dragon and getting health out of jars.

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