NVIDIA Afraid of AMD

Some ongoing rumors suggest that the Santa-Clara-based graphics manufacturer, NVIDIA, is planning to resort to some price cuts for its flagship graphics card, the GeForce GTX 280. The GTX 260 is also rumored to be heading for a lower price, but things are a bit more uncertain as compared to the GTX 280.

These rumors haven't started from someone inside NVIDIA, but from some of the company's board partners who have put up the GTX 280 for a significant price cut. Apparently, we are going to get the latest NVIDIA graphics models for as low as $499, which means that we will see an approximate price cut of $150. With the GTX 260 the rumors aren't so specific, but the estimated price is expected to be somewhere in the $299-$339 price range, helping NVIDIA to better compete with the Radeon HD 4870.

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GIJeff3693d ago

saw this comming. 260 and 280 are complete wastes of money.

richie007bond3693d ago

Yes i agree,nvidia is just ripping people off,one site i looked at have a 280 gtx for £425 which is insane,Ati with the new 4000 series ripps nvidias cards apart and cost less than half,am just glad AMD are back in the game.Nvidia have had it there own way for to long now,the price of thier cards were ridiculous which was causing the pc gaming market to decline,silly really....AMD welcome back my friend...

TiKiMaN13691d ago

Stating that NVIDIA is afraid of AMD is ridiculous. NVIDIA knew they could charge many early adopters $650 for the GeForce GTX 280. Now that a few weeks have gone by the price drops, yes they have competition from the Radeon 4870, but also because they can drop the price. NVIDIA has no problem what so ever going to $499 for the GTX 280.

If you ask me the strategy was smart. Charge the early adopters a premium price, then when sales slow down really drop the price bomb. NVIDIA is not afraid of a price war I can promise you that.

Do not expect $499 to be cheapest the GeForce GTX 280 will get either.