Gosen: Back with a Bang

Former Nintendo and I-Play exec David Gosen has returned to the console business with Xbox – and he has some forthright views on how to push the console forward.

"We have some very aggressive plans in terms of investing in this market to be successful. We are in Europe to win. We're not here to come second or third," says Gosen.

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Hellsvacancy3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Ms talk about us consumers like we r idiots, everybody "aware" that all Micrososft products suck!!!! theres a 360 arcade in my local secondhand game shop for £50 its been there for a month

Silogon3731d ago

I couldn't disagree more. The specs and abilites the xbox 360 can pull off graphically and speed wise leave the ps3 laying flat. The hardware was all that needed to be ironed out. they'e slowly doing that now and I see the future of the industry, honestly, being Microsoft owned.

It took Sony 2 systems before they came out with a handheld. I see the same for Microsoft aswell. They will dominate all markets, as they have the console market.

The foothold they have is amazing and it's one Sony never had in such a short ammount of time. If you remember the Ps1 was a huge disaster when it 1st hit. It took them until the following september to recover by the time the ps2 hit Sony was riding the wave of success from the 1st psone now; it's not so rosy for Sony.

I really see Microsoft as the better system for gaming. Sony has blu-ray and that's nice for movies but for games it has done nothing but hinder the experience. 5 gb installs are all over the place.

I don't know about you but I'd rather sit for 8 seconds on the xbox 360 version of GTA4 "if I wanted to even play it to begin with" than to install 5 gb and have to wait for 6 seconds.

See whaT I mean?

eagle213731d ago usual...I couldn't disagree more! :0

kazuma3731d ago

"They will dominate all markets, as they have the console market."

insert laughing out loud emoticon here please

zapass3731d ago

dude, you're smoking crack

as we all know, nothing comes even close to:

- GT5P
- MGS4
- KZ2
- Uncharted

and gimme a break with blurry/browny Geez of War 1.1B!

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PoSTedUP3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

correct me if im wrong but isnt it cheaper than the wii over there?

it dosnt seem like they have a good game plan, only buy buy buy buy.<-----thats not good, it will only hurt them in the end and all they can say is "at least we tried". like the ps3 is more expensive over there and sony dosnt really treat them equally or even fairly but they still manage to buy the ps3 and it still manages to out sell the 360 world wide and its really impressive that it has cough up or even passed the 360 in sales in EU despite the year and 6 months head start, price, fairness etc. its crazy. you cant say there is no fan loyalty in sony. wonder whats gunna happen when sony drops the price? : o

NO_PUDding3731d ago

UK is even started to warm to the PS3.

I think that it's just WAY late for this, they should ahve decided to do this ages ago, and there may have been a chnace, but PlayStation brand games are starting to come now, and even if they aren't there's promise of them, and I don't see anyone hopping over to buy an Xbox, becuase it's already like buying a bag of chips, it's so cheap.

sunnygrg3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Europe has mostly been a Playstation zone. It will be really tough for them, with Wii selling like hot pancakes.

Skip_Bayless3731d ago

Microsoft gaming studios must have a different definition of what it means to win. They will be in 3rd place in Europe no matter what they do. Sony Computers Europe is making a lot of games that will appeal to Europeans like little big planet, Home, and Killzone 2. And Gran Turismo 5 is a huge seller in Europe. What AAA game does MGS have in Europe?

HateBoy3731d ago

I don't know, which games DOES metal gear solid have in Europe?

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MaximusPrime3731d ago

Europeans already lost faith in you M$

BIoodmask3731d ago

how I have lost faith in the comments section of this website?

Veryangryxbot3731d ago

Cos that seems like the only thing they ever do.

"PS3 sucks blah blah blah"

"GTA4 best on 360 blah blah but we dont even know what the miserable DLC are"

"360 still lead in Europe blah blah blah with 5k units"

"XBOX LIVE is experience like no other blah blah blah"

"come to 360, we arent losing blah blah"

"Blu Ray sucks because we picked HD DVD"

"HD DVD may be dead but digital download is taking over blah blah blah"

Mr PS33731d ago

Bloodmask should put his favorite justin timberlake song on and
Cry himself a river

You did'nt loose faith did you when all the news on here was bashing the PS3
Table's turned and the Bots like yourself don't like it
Now off you go and search for more negative news to post about the PS3
Thy silly little Bot

juuken3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

...Thank you for making me choke over my water.
That made me laugh so hard...lmao.

And Bloodmask, I'm sick and tired of the comments coming from 360fanatics around here. Seriously, do you HONESTLY think the 360 would overtake the Wii when they have the PS3 gaining on their asses and the Wii is like a runaway train?

Use your God-given brain, if you have one.

BIoodmask3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

I am 360 gamer so I read these types of news. I am commenting in the right section am I not? This is an Xbox 360 article according to the channels. And you wonder why the mods take away all your bubbles.

juuken3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Bloodmask, I said 360fanatics. But thanks for commenting anyway because you're one of those fanatics. Also, someone here brought up a good point. You sure as hell don't lose faith when 360fanatics are running around trashing the PS3 so now when those same PS3 fans say something about THIS article, you then claim you're losing faith in the comments?

Hypocritical much?

I don't really care if bubbles are taken. N4G doesn't revolve around my entire life. The mods ought to be taking away bubbles from the morons around here who never have anything intelligent to say on these boards.

-Maverick-3731d ago

Bloodmask is a 360 fanboy hahhahahahahhahahahahhahhaha

bababrooks3731d ago

you are correct bloodmask, you have the option to voice your opinion,shame the mods cannot control the site ! for me i think xbox has gained ground on sony in eu, but i am in the minority and it is hits that counts, everything boiles down to water!

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MazzingerZ3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

There's no such a loyality in Europe...Sony is Japanese like the Wii and the X360 is American...we buy what doesn't break and delivers the best value...for kids the Wii for the rest of the gamers the PS3 and for those clueless grandparents getting a present for their grandchildren: the X360...The US is loyal to the X360, though

theusedfake3731d ago

could definitely win a creepy stare-down contest

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