Wii Fit: 64% of Japanese gamers already giving up

Rather than a game, Wii Fit is more comparable to an exercise program. More specifically, it's something that most people would consider playing in short bursts each day. A recent poll, however, shows that close to two-thirds of Japanese gamers are already giving up on the product. ITMedia in Japan took poll data from 1000 gamers and a staggering 64% of the participants said they stopped using Wii Fit after purchase.

See the link for the full poll results.

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harrisk9543733d ago

People stop using home exercise equipment, gym memberships and anything else that they believe to be a quick route to heath.. Put the WiiFit in the storage closet next to the ThighMaster, the Soloflex, the AbMaster and the George Foreman Grill! :-)

Alexander Roy3733d ago

One fad of many more to come.
No, I don't hate the Wii, I have one myself. It just makes me mad that they have a genius like Miyamoto working on a "Wii Something" title instead of making a new Mario or Zelda.

Vicophine3733d ago

It's because crap like this sells, unfortunately.

ChickeyCantor3733d ago

who says he isnt?
As long this guy lives you can count on it that Mario and Zelda games will be produced.

Fulensenca3733d ago

I'm happy and i hope Nintendo will think more about Gamers.
I have had a Wii for some mounths and no satisfaction at all.
I want 16 bit's Nintendo back.

crck3733d ago

Losing weight and staying in shape is about desire and will. No equipment or toy is going to automatically give you that.

MK_Red3733d ago

They are realising that it's an overprice piece of junk and has less value than a real scale. They are also realising that going out, running and other stuff is more fun than doing push ups in front of a tv.

ChickeyCantor3733d ago

No MK thats not it. Its just that they aren't motivated to continue.
Thats all.

Same could have happened in a real gym.
I've been there many times but after 20 minutes of running i went home because i lost motivation.

MK_Red3733d ago

Well, whatever the reason for them, I'm still a Wii Fit hater. (Hey, I'm a Wii-Fit-hater fanboy!)

ChickeyCantor3733d ago

I know you are a hater, =P but dont make up stuff XD

mepsipax3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

the reason behind these people stopping will obviously be varied but the majority is people who bought the game solely on hype, they bought it because someone they knew bought it, told them about it, saw it on tv, they probably didn't intend to play it forever, I hate wii fit, the game in itself is not so bad, but the aura surrounding this whored product disgusts me and lowered my respect for Nintendo who, as of late, have not been putting up a good enough front for me a "hardcore" gamer and I always find myself picking the PC/PS3/X360 over the Wii.
edit: oh and also this is Japan, who if by my recollection is up there on the list of "non-obese" nations, and sidar you also act like everyone who bought Wii Fit wanted to lose weight, also there is a study for everything, there is probably a study out there that shows that 64% of people still play Wii Fit and love it.

ChickeyCantor3732d ago

No i was not, i'm just simply saying what could have been a reasonable motive.

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The story is too old to be commented.