Interview: Why Singapore Wants the Game Biz

Singapore's Economic Development Board aims to attract international business and investment to the Asian island. To that end, the EDB specifically targets the video game industry as well as other fields, reaching out to game developers to open branches or conduct business in the country.

The country's ability to give tax breaks and other incentives to companies has led to some notable wins in recent years, with LucasArts/LucasFilm setting up a major studio in Singapore, as well as Electronic Arts setting up a branch office in the country.

For perspective on Singapore's game development industry, Gamasutra spoke with Linda Sein, executive director of infocommunications & media for the Economic Development Board.

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Harry1903731d ago

Singapore's geographical location itself being an advantage. It has also proven tat despite it's modest size it can compete with most o the big guns in Asia in terms of economic development and innovation. Surely,success is not far.

chewy3173731d ago

they dont buy ps3s abd xbox 360s...
every ones playing maplestory... so no one has time for mgs4 =0