Q&A: Pligersdorffer and A Taste of Cyanide

French development studio Cyanide are at work on cross-platform Games Workshop license Blood Bowl (the license of which they gained after an out-of-court settlement from a Games Workshop-led lawsuit over their previous fantasy football title Chaos League) and have since announced Dungeon Party, a new free-to-play MMO for PC.

CEO Patrick Pligersdorffer began his career in the games industry with Ubisoft, opening the internal development studio of Ubisoft in Japan, before opening Cyanide in 2000.

Pligersdorffer talks with Gamasutra about why Cyanide are proud to be seen as a PC developer even in the face of repeated declarations of its death as a viable platform, talks piracy (including defends StarForce copy protection) and discusses the French development community.

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