MGS4 DLC available - Two new camouflages

Via PS3Fanboy - Available for free download, MGS4 has two new camouflages available right now. The new digs (Laughing Camo and Raging Camo) will effect enemies in the game you engage in CQC. Dependent on which one you have equipped, enemies will laugh or go into a rage respectively. Be on the lookout for Screaming Camo and Crying Camo!

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SickNick853731d ago

Good...i love this camouflages...Screaming is too similar to Big boss camouflage

Doppy3731d ago

Hopefully it's full body.

MikeGdaGod3731d ago

i'd rather use the laughing and fear tranquilizers instead.

the laughing one make the PMC's shoot each other.

Fishy Fingers3731d ago

Is this full body or simply the face camo you can already achieve?

If it's the face camo Id recommend you go and achieve it for yourself, that way is much more satisfying than just DL-ing them.

SPOILER>>>>>&g t; How to get face camo....

Once you have defeated the Beast (any of them) they will emerge from their armor, now, instead of filling the poor lady with lead, tranq her or stun here, just dont kill her. Once done, the camo will be unlocked after the cut scene, easy peasy!

fafoon3731d ago

I did'nt know that
were could i have been for the last month

Fishy Fingers3731d ago

No need for the sarcasm, my comments aren't for "fafoon" only, they're for everyone who cares to read them and not everyone knows how to collect the camo do they. If I help one person, then it was worth while as far as I'm concerned.

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ActionBastard3731d ago

Fish, let it go. Soooo, what do you think about the new camo?

Alexander Roy3731d ago

DLed and used them. They aren't the prettiest, but the effect is... well, a nice side effect.
BTW, I want a Big Boss camo. No, not that one - you know why I'm looking at you, Konami. A Big Mama mask would be cool too. :p

Fishy Fingers3731d ago

Action, I love them, they make for some real funnt cut scenes :)

Desperately trying to get the Big Boss face camo, but completing extreme in under 5 hours, no kills, no deaths, no HEALTHS. Its rediculously hard. One thing though, if I finally manage it (I will ;)) and they release it as a download I wont be to happy ;)

Keowrath3731d ago

Got the BBE the other day Fish, it can be a royal headache in certain areas *COUGH* Bike chase *COUGH* I went for a semi-speed run, no kills no alerts on Liquid Easy first to get a gist of how to get through the game without being spotted. Apart from the bike chase, I didn't find it much more difficult as you're not engaging anyone.

Secondly, get the Solar gun before you attempt it it will help to stop you from going completely stark raving bonkers. Remember, you have a small limit of tranq ammo that you can carry so a rechargable stun weapon that makes bad guys drop tranq rounds helps a bucket load... It also helps with the bike chase too.

Good luck dude!

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Mr PS33731d ago

Downloadable Explosives
Like an Xbox
Just like a Playboy mag
You lay it down
Some Dumm PMC come's along
Start's to play it
And 2 seconds later

Oh Nice Camo aswell

Alexander Roy3731d ago

Dude, people would be pissed.
Imagine the scene:

Snake sneaks around, sees a guard.
*puts XBox360 on the patrols route*
Guard comes, starts it.
He drops the pad and walks away.
No explosion - why? It RRoD'ed.

Moral? I don't want explosives with a 33% chance of not working.

Mr PS33731d ago

Never thought of that
Or maybe the PMC aint as dumm as i thought
He would approach it
See that it was a Xbox
Call Liquid
Liquid would come along Point at it any say "Activate"
And Destroy that Xbox into the ground

DX F3NIX3731d ago

atleast its free. if it was on the 360 MS would charge like 800 MS points for crap like this.

LOFT3163731d ago

The octo camo is fantastic
Being able to register your favourite camo is cool
Has anyone got the camo on act 2
The one were your looking for niaomi
Follow the hand prints and you come across a pavement with the devs hand prints on it

EastCoastSB3731d ago

I got it too, it's awesome.

I also registered a chain-link fence camo which looks AWESOME, like I'm a giant spiderweb.

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