Gamer Lacks Eyeballs, Kicks Ass Anyways

Kids sometimes like to gloat and say they will pwn you with their eyes closed, but this kid means it. After having his eyes surgically removed, he relearned how to do everything without the use of his vision, relying instead on echolocation. His television must have some pretty awesome surround sound then, because he is somehow able to play videogames without ever seeing the screen.

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Twizlex3735d ago

Holy crap! That video is crazy. He's not even FACING the television. Wouldn't that screw up his sonar or whatever?

Nostradavis3735d ago

Sonar? What is he Aquaman?

Twizlex3735d ago

No, but I think his mom is related to Aquaman (so he would be too) because her name is Aquanetta. Seriously, what kind of name is that? Ha!

chasuk083735d ago

This is so old its unbelievable. I remember watching this guy on a documentary on tv 2 years ago ! But yeh this guy is amazing !

Twizlex3735d ago

This isn't old. Technically, this kid has been blind for like 15 years, so yeah, that's not new. This story is new, however, because it just went up today, for one, and for two, it's talking about how his cancer came back and that there's a website to help him.

sonarus3735d ago

Wow. That guy is incredible. I don't like to believe in this sort of stuff but if true then WOW. What an awesome kid

velaxun3735d ago

actually, it's quite old. Ripten has just rehashed it, this appeared on months ago.

See #6

velaxun3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

double posted, ignore this one

Chris Bosh3735d ago

Hewuz on OPRAH AND 20/20



Millah3734d ago

This kid is dope as F***

I saw him on Ellen before and they gave him a Wii before they even came out.

Organic_Chemistry3734d ago

This is just an amazing example of the plasticity of the brain. Sometimes when one loses a sense such as sight, the brain is able to compensate for that loss of sense by enhancing another. Another example is to observe how blind judo athletes can use their kinestheitc sense to locate their adversary, amazing stuff!

ryuyasho3734d ago

He's the real Daredevil!!!

superflyguy3734d ago

He's pretty amazing. He's one of the few humans in the world who uses ecolocation.

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Twizlex3735d ago

I wonder if a Wii would be easier or harder for him to game on.

Timesplitter143735d ago

I wonder how it would change anything

Twizlex3735d ago

You don't think it would be any different? I would think some games would be a lot easier on the Wii.

n00bzRtehgey3735d ago

I agree. He should get a Wii.

mintaro3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Holy, thats amazing

jay23735d ago

That is a true example of how disabled people addapt, well done to him.