180° E3 Sneak Peak

Here are some things to expect coming from E3, while some of the info is vague, its definitely something to get excited about….

* God Of War 3 Teaser Trailer (No Actual Gameplay)
* 2 New Exclusive games will be announced - One from Incognito, and the other game being similar to Buzz and Singstar in which its made for casual gamers, but thanks to several features it will also target the hardcore gamer audience.
* MAJOR new feature will be announced for Little Big Planet

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Harry1903693d ago

God of War 3. God Of War 3. God Of War 3. God Of War 3. God of War 3.*Snap* Collapses*

Sev3693d ago

There is more that I didnt include.

This is just a sneak peak. Hence the title.

Much more is coming to E3.

As far as Team ICO, and FFXIII info, I would expect those at TGS, but hopefully they have some type of presence @ E3

ActionBastard3693d ago

As much as I love God of War, LBP is high on my list. Can't wait!

SeanScythe3693d ago

I can't wait to build my own cust levels in HD that game is going to be EPIC!

Nathaniel_Drake3693d ago

I'm thinking of creating a Indiana Jones theme with traps, or a star Wars theme with a flying side-scrolling X-wing game, if we can do that!!! =)

juuken3693d ago



Rama262853693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

Does anyone think the new exclusive from Incognito could be Warhawk 2? Or are they meaning a new IP?

Also, a mix of Buzz! and Singstar? Sounds like an interesting mix!

Really looking forward to E3 now...

Panthers3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

Is Incognito doing another exclusive for the PS3? These are just rumors right? I doubt they will. I heard that Sony dropped them after they were upset with Warhawk (I am sure it was supposed to be a Single and Multiplayer game) I would figure they would go multiplat.

DanB913693d ago

Incog is still part of the SCE Santa Monica group

I would expect a Warhawk 2, Twisted Metal or a new IP

-EvoAnubis-3693d ago

Eat, Sleep, Play is doing the PS3 Twisted Metal. It's something else.

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The story is too old to be commented.