Hackers Beware R4 clone will brick your NDS

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"Yesterday on July 3rd, The Team behind the R4 flash Card for the Nintendo DS announced that in a future update. They plan to brick Nintendo DS ' that are using a Clone of their popular R4 Flash card. The compnay states that they will not warn us when it will happen. They will not warrenty any bricked NDS', Anything that happens to you NDS will be at the fault of the company that sold you you're clone flash card."

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jay23663d ago

Ouch, watch out guys.

TheUsedVersion3662d ago

Sit down, grab some popcorn and enjoy boys and girls because you are witnessing the end of R4. Who in their right mind would buy an R4 now knowing that it could potentially be a clone and that the R4 developers will brick your system sometime in the future? I know I sure as hell won't. They can forget about word-of-mouth advertising which pretty much made them what they are today.

phoenixtilt3663d ago

I am not sure but I think the r4 can run other firmwares

bym051d3663d ago

Why anyone would buy a card other than a CycloDS is beyond me.

jkoz3663d ago

Agreed... not sure why R4 is such a craze, CycloDS is far superior...

mperdomo3663d ago

what features those the cycloDS has that the r4 doesn't?

bym051d3663d ago

The absolute best developer support around.

The Cyclo devs are constantly adding new features through frequent firmware updates.

I've been told that it's easier to use, but I don't have first hand experience with others.

LKane3663d ago

That's because you're close minded.

- CycloDS is slightly more expensive, which can be a turn off to some people. However, since it's newer and better, it makes sense.
- Before CycloDS came out, R4 was more or less the most popoular one, and many people bought that.

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funkeystu3661d ago

So do we trust an article that doesn't use correct grammar and spelling? It all sounds like a bit of a joke to me.