New Soul Calibur IV footage from the french Japan Expo

The French website Gamekyo (formerly named Jeuxfrance), posted today a new footage of the higly anticipated Soul Calibur IV. The game is presented at the "Japan Expo", an event mainly devoted to mangas & anime.


Sorry, the link doesn't seem to work, use this one:

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kewlkat0073668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

it's so Uptempo and just ready for brawling type music...

But it all started with the Original

This is one of my favorite tracks

R.I.P Dreamcast( a good farewell music)

belal3668d ago

this game rocks :D

and as you see this is the ps3 version :) oh thats right you need a hard disk for this game ;) sru xbots you FAIL ;)

DFresh3667d ago

I can't wait till July 29th it's so close.
The guy playing is pretty good he got in a few good hits but you know Siegfried and do downward slashes while his opponent is lying down do you have a chance to do a lot more damage.
I would know cuz I'm a Veteran of this series.
PS3 is by far the best version.
Darth Vader + Secret Apprentice + Kratos + PS3 = PWNED!