Hide-and-seek with Hideo Kojima: 'MGS4' designer subverts war game conventions

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (MGS 4), a stealth-action video game developed for the PlayStation 3 game console, was released worldwide on June 12. Hideo Kojima, who has been developing the MGS series since 1998, said he wants to offer a substantial, elaborate game you can enjoy with the occasional laugh.

Wearing a black jacket and trousers and black-and-white glasses, Kojima, an operating officer at Konami Digital Entertainment Co., looks younger than his 44 years. In contrast to his cool appearance, however, Kojima is friendly and service-minded. He readily agreed to pose for photos with a life-size figure of Solid Snake, the protagonist he designed for MGS 4.

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Peow3728d ago

Whoa! He's 44? Looks like hes in his mid twenties(obviously he isn't but he looks like it)